We’re always very happy when we get the chance to take pictures of couple from all over the world that chose our country as set to celebrate their engagement or as destination for their wedding day. It has been a great satisfaction for us when we met Kate and Andrew that wanted Bologna as their setting for th engagement session. Since Kate studied here for University, this was a very special moment to come back here in Italy with her fiancée Andrew and the perfect chance to take some picture with us.

And what a pleasure has been to spend some time with them: even though we didnt’ know each other, we just clicked
Dedicating ourselves to their couple photos was a pleasant experience: although we did not know them, after the first few jokes we just clicked and we immediately realized that we would get along. I really gave us a great energy to spend the day with them.
Spontaneous, elegant and genuinely fascinated by the beauty of Bologna, Kate and Andrew were two perfect subjects for this set, very happy while they traded smiles and kisses among the alleys of the city. It was immediately clear to us that despite the distance due to their busy working life that often puts them to the test, they are a very close and sincere couple
in love, who is not scared by anything and plans her future with great emotion. These photos in Bologna to celebrate their engagement were an opportunity to carve out time just for them and it was really nice to be able to participate in their happiness in such a special moment.

To end the day and get to know each other a bit better, we strolled through the city streets, sharing with Kate the memories of her life as a student in Bologna (she told us some really funny anecdotes and we found that we had many points of reference and places of the heart in common!), to finally arrive at the Infedele, a historical local from Bologna, a typical destination for a classic Italian aperitif that Andrew could not fail to try.


It was therefore an opportunity to chat and discover something more about this American couple, not only talking about their engagement, but about everything that came to mind. Our day dedicated to Kate and Andrew has therefore ended in lightness, because after an intense couple photo session there is nothing better than relaxing all together with some good food and a drink!