From the first moment we met Ilaria and Mattia, we immediately realized that they were perfect for each other: very sweet and smiling, with perfect chemistry, they could not do anything other than being together. While they were telling us their story, they talked about a long-distance relationship, a distance that, however, has finally been filled, an important event for these guys, who wanted to celebrate it by taking some photos as a couple.
It is always exciting to be able to be part of such moments in a couple’s life, so we tried to do our best to celebrate their engagement!
Being Ilaria and Mattia two lovers of good wine, for their photos of couple have chosen the beauty of the hills of Bologna, hills where they have walked together countless times and that on this occasion they wanted to make us discover too. In particular, they asked us to accompany them during a sunset walk, a very romantic moment of the day and with such a perfect light to take photographs that we could not have asked for better!

The vineyards of the Bologna hills are a striking scenery and it was very nice to immortalize here this couple, who during the walk told us how the love for wine has joined them even when physically they were more distant and how, despite the distance they kept them apart for a long time, they managed to overcome even the most difficult moments together. Their emotion in sharing with us these memories was palpable and in every shot in the vineyards you can see a smile, a look full of tenderness, a caress, the happiness of being finally close.
At the end of the walk, with the light of the sunset that was going to fall behind the hills, we also took some pictures among the vineyards illuminated by small fairy lights, a perfect way to end this sweet set of photos of couple in the company of Ilaria and Mattia .