Hello! We are Brando, Ilaria, Lorenzo, Riccardo and Tiffany. We are a collective and we love taking pictures of love stories unconventionally.
We are inspired by romantic and spontaneous but at the same time creative and magical wedding photography.
Just forget about the typical wedding photos where no one feels at ease. We’re looking for couples that are not looking for the ‘traditional way’, that say no to unnatural posing because we’re here to give you an enchanting, definetely fun and engaging  experience, that tells your own story.

Our biggest aim is to create beautiful, true and special photographs. We’ll always have a joke ready for you because we believe in connection and relationship. We want to meet you as vendor but say goodbye as friends.

In order not to miss a crucial and unforgettable moment, you need an alternative, original and complete high quality service…. and with a bit of Rock’n’Roll!


A wedding between Bologna and the hills of Umbria

  Luca and Laura, a young and very in love couple, have celebrated their wedding in Bologna, choosing as the venue for this special day the Red Hall of the Municipality. In this elegant setting, they have gathered close family and friends, making the ceremony a...

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Engagement session in the middle of the vineyards

From the first moment we met Ilaria and Mattia, we immediately realized that they were perfect for each other: very sweet and smiling, with perfect chemistry, they could not do anything other than being together. While they were telling us their story, they talked...

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Engagement session through the alleys of Bologna

  We’re always very happy when we get the chance to take pictures of couple from all over the world that chose our country as set to celebrate their engagement or as destination for their wedding day. It has been a great satisfaction for us when we met Kate...

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Engagement session in Dozza, near Bologna

Sam and Federica came all the way from Leeds to the suburbs of Bologna and we had an amazing trip together to take some pictures for their engagement. Soon we will see them all dolled up for their Big Day but during this stunning morning we spent some time together in...

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