Ciao Milano! A family wedding for Chiara & Paolo

Certainly it has been the hottest day from this summer but it didn’t stop us nor any guest to attend to the stunning wedding of Chiara and Paolo in Milan. We’ve met a beautiful family and some pretty wild friend, plus we’ve had the chance to shoot in two different and...

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Love story a Brighton

Well, I have a very special relationship with the city of Brighton. It brings me back to so many emotions and child memories. That’s just one of the reasons why we decided to join Phil Chester, Sara K Byrne, Lisa Devlin and some of the most amazing wedding...

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Hill of Bologna same sex photography session

We fell in love with Simone and Fabio at first sight. They are extremely funny, kind-hearted and easy going. We share the same passion for the outdoors, for hiking on hills and mountains, for great food and for fantasy novels. They are so much in love and they...

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Superheroes destination wedding in Matera

What we love about Italy is that, no matter where you travel, because from North to South, from East to West (islands included) every part of it is stunning. However, Matera (in Basilicata) holds a very special place in our hearts and it’s one of our favorite...

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