We are Lorenzo, Riccardo, Ilaria, Brando and Tiffany. We are a photographic collective based in Bologna and Berlin. We are ready to jump on the next flight or train to get wherever our cameras take us.

We created Rock’n’Roll Weddings in 2013. We wanted to do something new, fresh and unconventional.

We have known each other for some time. Our paths crossing often during previous work experiences. By becoming friends, we have decided to join forces in order to realize a personal and unique brand. A new project to escape from the traditional styles and to avoid the too formal photo agencies.

If you are looking for a photographer who will only take pictures and when the day is over you’ll be like any other customer you are in the wrong place. What you will find here:

Photographers who want to know everything about your love story and learn about your relationship. We are sincerely thrilled by your Big Day just like you are!

People who are honored to have been chosen for your wedding and this is why we will never be ‘just another person’ added to your guest list. In fact, we will take part in a personal event of great emotional impact, so we will do our very best for your special day!

Lots of useful tips, tricks and ideas that can help you with the organization. Above all, we will help you avoid unpleasant situations.

We are unbelievable diplomats who have an incredible experience in keeping the peace and having everyone leave satisfied. We will prevent the aunts and grandmothers from taking over your wedding and still have them go home with a smile on their face!

We have a mission: every couple that will look at the photographs will not only see all the events of the day, but also still feel the excitement and the emotions that came with it!

We will accompany you starting from the preparation to the cutting of the wedding cake, step by step during your day.

The goal of every wedding is to capture your romance, your feelings, your love. We will allow ourselves be fully engrossed by the events and we will do this in the most natural way. We will guide you only when necessary, by offering valuable advice or a helping hand.


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